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Game Bird Breeders and Hatcheries Directory

Find quality gamebird breeders and hatcheries offering hatching eggs and chicks for sale. You can search the site for game birds by Breed using the list to the right, browse the newest game bird breeders to the left or click an icon below.

Upland Game Birds

Find gamebird eggs and chicks for sale for birds like ringneck pheasants, bobwhite quail, chukar partridge and more.

Ducks, Geese & Swans

Find waterfowl hatching eggs, ducklings, cygnets and goslings for waterfowl breeds both rare and common.

Poultry and Turkeys

Hatching eggs and day old chicks for sale from some of the top poultry and turkey breeders in the country.

Pigeons and Doves

Find pigeons and doves for sale from homing and racing pigeons to the rare varieties of diamond and ringneck doves.

Pea Fowl
Pea Fowl

Peafowl hatching eggs and Peachicks for sale from quality breeders of Pied, Blue India, Spauldings and more.

  Guinea Fowl
Guinea Fowl

Guinea Fowl keets and hatching eggs for sale like White Africans, Pearl Grays, Buff Dundottes, Lavenders, and more.

Game Bird Classified Ads

Find hatching eggs, mature birds and game bird chicks for sale in the classifieds.
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Quail - Northern Bobwhite (82)Pheasants - Chinese Ringneck (57)Partridges - Chukar (41)Pheasants - Lady Amherst (33)Pheasants - Red Golden (32)Pheasants - Yellow Golden (31)Quail - Jumbo Brown Coturnix (26)Pheasants - Silver (24)Quail - Jumbo Bobwhite (24)Peafowl - Blue (22)Pheasants - Melanistic Mutant (21)Peafowl - Black Shouldered (20)Guineas - Pearl (19)Ducks - Flying Mallards (18)Quail - Standard Coturnix (18)Quail - Texas A&M White Coturnix (18)Peafowl - White (17)Chickens Large Breeds - Rhode Island Red (16)Peafowl - Pied (16)Peafowl - Pied Spalding (16)Pheasants - Jumbo Ringneck (16)Chickens Bantams - Black Silkie (15)Chickens Bantams - Blue Silkie (15)Partridges - Hungarian (15)Quail - Georgia Giant Bobwhite (15)Chickens Bantams - White Silkie (14)Ducks - Mandarin (14)Peafowl - Cameo (14)Pheasants - Elliot (14)Pheasants - Reeves (14)Quail - Tennessee Red (14)Quail - Gambel (13)Chickens Bantams - Ameraucana (12)Chickens Large Breeds - Black Australorp (12)Chickens Rare Breeds - Blue Laced Red Wyandotte (12)Ducks - White Pekin (12)Peafowl - White-Eye Pied (12)Pheasants - Impeyan (12)Quail - California Valley (12)Ducks - Jumbo Pekin (11)Ducks - Muscovy (11)Guineas - White (11)Peafowl - Buff Spalding (11)Peafowl - Oaten (11)Pheasants - Brown Eared (11)Quail - Tibetan Coturnix (11)Swans - Mute (11)Chickens Bantams - Buff Silkie (10)Ducks - Wood (10)Partridges - French Red Leg (10)Turkeys - Bronze (10)Chickens Bantams - Black Cochin (9)Chickens Bantams - Black or Blue Rosecomb (9)Pigeons - Dog Training (9)Quail - Button (9)Quail - Texas Blue Scaled (9)Quail - Tuxedo Coturnix (9)Swans - Black Australian (9)Turkeys - Bourbon Red (9)Turkeys - Royal Palm (9)Chickens Bantams - Barred Plymouth Rock (8)Chickens Bantams - Blue Cochin (8)Chickens Bantams - Buff Brahma (8)Chickens Bantams - Dominique (8)Chickens Bantams - Mottled Cochin (8)Chickens Bantams - White Cochin (8)Chickens Large Breeds - Buff Orpington (8)Chickens Large Breeds - Silver Laced Wyandotte (8)Geese - Toulouse (8)Quail - Mountain (8)Quail - Pharoah XLD1 (8)Swans - Tundra (8)Turkeys - Beltsville (8)Turkeys - Eastern Wild (8)Chickens Bantams - Black Frizzle Cochin (7)Chickens Bantams - Black Japanese (7)Chickens Bantams - White Crested Black Polish (7)Chickens Crested - Golden Polish (7)Chickens Crested - White Crested Black Polish  (7)Chickens Feather Footed - Blue Cochin (7)Chickens Feather Footed - Buff Brahma (7)Chickens Feather Footed - Dark Brahma (7)Chickens Large Breeds - Barred Rock (7)Chickens Rare Breeds - Cuckoo Maran (7)Ducks - Black East Indie (7)Ducks - Khaki Campbell (7)Geese - White Embden (7)Guineas - Lavender (7)Swans - Trumpeter (7)Turkeys - Narragansett (7)Chickens Bantams - Barred Cochin (6)Chickens Bantams - Black Breasted Red O.E (6)Chickens Bantams - Black Old English (6)Chickens Bantams - Buff Cochin (6)Chickens Bantams - Crele Old English  (6)Chickens Bantams - Golden Sebright (6)Chickens Bantams - Light Brahma (6)Chickens Bantams - Red Pyle Old English (6)Chickens Bantams - S.C. Rhode Island Red  (6)Chickens Bantams - Self Blue Old English (6)Chickens Bantams - Silver Duckwing Old English (6)Chickens Bantams - Silver Sebright  (6)Chickens Bantams - Spangled Old English (6)Chickens Feather Footed - Black Cochin (6)Chickens Feather Footed - Black Langshan (6)Chickens Large Breeds - Light Brahma (6)Chickens Large Breeds - Speckled Sussex (6)Chickens Rare Breeds - Golden Laced Wyandottes (6)Ducks - Pintail (6)Ducks - Rouen (6)Ducks - Snowy English Call (6)Ducks - White English Call (6)Geese - Canada (6)Geese - Sebastopol (6)Quail - English Coturnix (6)Turkeys - Blue Slate (6)Chickens Bantams - Black Tailed White Japanese (5)Chickens Bantams - Blue Breasted Red Old English (5)Chickens Bantams - Cubalaya BBR (5)Chickens Bantams - Dark Brahma (5)Chickens Bantams - Golden Laced Cochin (5)Chickens Bantams - Partridge Cochin (5)Chickens Bantams - Red Cochin (5)Chickens Bantams - Silver Laced Cochin (5)Chickens Bantams - White Frizzle Cochin (5)Chickens Bantams - White Laced Red Cornish (5)Chickens Bantams - White Sultan (5)Chickens Crested - Crevecoeur (5)Chickens Crested - Mottled Houdan (5)Chickens Crested - Silver Polish (5)Chickens Crested - White Polish (5)Chickens Large Breeds - Black Giant (5)Chickens Large Breeds - White Rock (5)Chickens Rare Breeds - Dominiques (5)Chickens Rare Breeds - Silver Gray Dorkings (5)Chickens Rare Breeds - Sumatras (5)Ducks - Blue Swedish (5)Ducks - Gray English Call (5)Ducks - Green Winged Teal (5)Geese - Buff (5)Geese - White Chinese (5)Guineas - Pied (5)Guineas - Purple (5)Partridges - Barbary (5)Chickens Bantams - Barred Old English (4)Chickens Bantams - Black Tailed Buff Japanese (4)Chickens Bantams - Dark Cornish (4)Chickens Bantams - Grey Japanese (4)Chickens Bantams - Mottled Japanese (4)Chickens Bantams - White Cornish (4)Chickens Bantams - White Japanese (4)Chickens Crested - Buff Laced Polish (4)Chickens Crested - Sultan (4)Chickens Feather Footed - Partridge Cochin (4)Chickens Feather Footed - Salmon Faverolle (4)Chickens Feather Footed - White Cochin (4)Chickens Large Breeds - Black Minorca (4)Chickens Large Breeds - Cornish Game Hen (4)Chickens Large Breeds - Jumbo Cornish X Rock (4)Chickens Large Breeds - New Hampshire Red (4)Chickens Large Breeds - Partridge Rock (4)Doves - Cinnamon Diamond (4)Ducks - Ring Teal (4)Ducks - White Pekin (4)Geese - Egyptian (4)Geese - Giant Canada (4)Guineas - Violet (4)Partridges - Bamboo (4)Pigeons - White King (4)Turkeys - Black Spanish (4)Turkeys - White Holland (4)Chickens Bantams - Black Dutch (3)Chickens Bantams - Blue Dutch (3)Chickens Bantams - Buff Dutch-Black tailed (3)Chickens Bantams - Light Brown Dutch (3)Chickens Bantams - Red Frizzle Cochin (3)Chickens Bantams - White Faced Black Spanish (3)Chickens Feather Footed - Buff Cochin (3)Chickens Feather Footed - Silver Laced Cochin (3)Chickens Feather Footed - White Langshan (3)Chickens Large Breeds - Ancona (3)Chickens Large Breeds - Black Star (3)Chickens Large Breeds - Blue Andalusian (3)Chickens Large Breeds - Buff Rock (3)Chickens Large Breeds - Red Star (3)Chickens Rare Breeds - Egyptian Fayoumis (3)Chickens Rare Breeds - Phoenix (3)Doves - Blue White Tail Pied Diamond (3)Doves - Snow White Ringneck (3)Doves - Tangerine Ringneck (3)Ducks - Cayuga (3)Ducks - Chocolate Indian Runners (3)Ducks - Fawn & White Indian Runners (3)Ducks - Magpie  (3)Ducks - Swedish (3)Ducks - White Crested (3)Geese - Weeder (3)Guineas - Chocolate (3)Guineas - Coral Blue (3)Guineas - Powder Blue (3)Pigeons - Janssen Racing Homer (3)Pigeons - White Fantail (3)Quail - Golden Range Coturnix (3)Quail - Italian Coturnix (3)Quail - Rosetta Coturnix (3)Chickens Large Breeds - Columbian Wyandotte (2)Chickens Large Breeds - Cornish Roaster (2)Chickens Large Breeds - Delaware (2)Chickens Large Breeds - Pearl White Leghorn (2)Chickens Large Breeds - Turken - Naked Neck (2)Chickens Large Breeds - White Giant (2)Chickens Large Breeds - White Wyandotte (2)Chickens Rare Breeds - Blue Andalusians (2)Chickens Rare Breeds - Buttercups (2)Chickens Rare Breeds - Golden Campines (2)Chickens Rare Breeds - Modern Bb Red Games (2)Doves - Blue or Normal Diamond (2)Doves - Blue White Tail Diamond (2)Doves - Blue White Tail Laced Diamond (2)Doves - Brilliant Diamond (2)Doves - Brilliant White Tail Diamond (2)Doves - Cape or Masked (2)Doves - Crested or Austrailain (2)Doves - Ivory Ringneck (2)Doves - Miniature Ringneck (2)Doves - Orange Pearl Ringneck (2)Doves - Orange Pied Ringneck (2)Doves - Orange Ringneck (2)Doves - Silver Diamond (2)Doves - Silver White Tail Diamond (2)Doves - Tangerine Pearl Ringneck (2)Ducks - Black Indian Runners (2)Ducks - Black Swedish (2)Ducks - Blue Indian Runners (2)Ducks - Welsh Harlequin (2)Geese - African (2)Geese - Cackling (2)Geese - Tufted Roman (2)Guineas - Buff (2)Guineas - Slate (2)Pigeons - Bandit Racing Homer (2)Pigeons - Black Fantail (2)Pigeons - Opal White Bar Saddle Racing Homer (2)Pigeons - Red Birmingham Roller (2)Pigeons - Red Mueleman Racing Homer  (2)Pigeons - Snow White Trenton Racing Homer (2)Pigeons - Van Loon Racing Homer (2)Pigeons - White Birmingham Roller (2)Quail - Jumbo Butler (2)Quail - Mearns (2)Chickens Large Breeds - Buff Minorca (1)Chickens Large Breeds - Red Leghorn (1)Chickens Large Breeds - Single Comb Brown Leghorn (1)Chickens Large Breeds - White Orpington (1)Chickens Rare Breeds - Silver Penciled Wyandottes (1)Chickens Rare Breeds - White Faced Black Spanish (1)Chickens Rare Breeds - White Laced Red Cornish (1)Doves - Albino Ringneck (1)Doves - Ash Ringneck (1)Doves - Blue Pied Diamond (1)Doves - Blue White Rump Diamond (1)Doves - Bull-Eyed White Ringneck (1)Doves - Double Crested Ringneck (1)Doves - Peach Diamond (1)Doves - Peach Ringneck (1)Doves - Red Diamond (1)Doves - Ultimate Red Diamond (1)Doves - White Zebra (1)Doves - Wild Pied Ringneck (1)Doves - Yellow Diamond (1)Doves - Yellow White Tail Diamond (1)Ducks - Ancona (1)Ducks - Gold Star Hybrid (1)Geese - Barnacle (1)Geese - Lesser Snow (1)Guineas - Buff Dundotte (1)Partridges - Roul-roul (1)Pigeons - Blue Bar Saddle Janssen Racing Homer (1)Pigeons - Gaby Vandenabeele Racing Homer (1)Pigeons - Huysken Van Riel Racing Homer (1)Pigeons - Mercedes Family Racing Homer (1)Pigeons - Opal White Bar Racing Homer (1)Pigeons - Splashed Fantail (1)Pigeons - Wild Caught (1)Pigeons - Yellow Birmingham Roller (1)Pigeons - Yellow Saddle Trenton Racing Homer (1)Pigeons - Yellow Trenton Racing Homer (1)Turkeys - Rio Grande Wild (1)