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Show Me Silkies and Stuff - Jefferson City, Missouri Game Bird Breeders

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About Show Me Silkies and Stuff

Being raised with pets all my life I have a vast knowledge in all sorts of feathered and furry friends and a love for which. I have been raising Silkie bantams and perfecting my bloodline for nearly 10 years. My infatuation with Silkies began as a child when I acquired my first Silkie and at 34 years of age they still capture my attention and bring a smile to my face. Ducks since Daffy and Donald have caught my attention and love the way they wiggle their tail feathers.

Along with Silkies I raise Mandarin ducks, the true rumpless Araucana bantams, Cream Brabanters and I also raise Guinea fowl. The guineas mixed in with the Silkies, they make a great protector for my non-flying fluffy bantams.

Game Birds Raised
Black Silkie Chickens Bantams, Blue Silkie Chickens Bantams, Buff Silkie Chickens Bantams, White Silkie Chickens Bantams, Mandarin Ducks, Chocolate Guineas, Pearl Guineas, Pied Guineas, Purple Guineas, Slate Guineas, White Guineas, Gambel Quail
Additional Services
Hatching Eggs, Day Old Chicks, Mature Birds
Contact Info
David Sapp
Jefferson City, Missouri 65023
Breeding game birds for over 4 years.
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