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Gamebird hatcheries
by city in California
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California Game Bird Hatcheries

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Metzer Farms Gonzales - California
Breeds Raised: Black Indian Runners Ducks, Black Swedish Ducks, Blue Indian Runners Ducks, Blue Swedish Ducks, Cayuga Ducks, Chocolate Indian Runners Ducks, Fawn & White Indian Runners Ducks, Flying Mallards Ducks, Gold Star Hybrid Ducks, Jumbo Pekin Ducks, Khaki Campbell Ducks, Rouen Ducks, Swedish Ducks, Welsh Harlequin Ducks, White Crested Ducks, White Pekin Ducks, African Geese, Buff Geese, Giant Canada Geese, Sebastopol Geese, Toulouse Geese, Tufted Roman Geese, Weeder Geese, White Chinese Geese, White Embden Geese, Pearl Guineas, Chinese Ringneck Pheasants, Eastern Wild Turkeys
Button Quail Ranch Temple City - California
Breeds Raised: Button Quail
Debs Birds Madera - California
Breeds Raised: Black Silkie Chickens Bantams, Blue Silkie Chickens Bantams, White Silkie Chickens Bantams, Button Quail Pearblossom - California
Breeds Raised: Cuckoo Maran Chickens Rare Breeds
Amber Waves Silkies Norco - California
Breeds Raised: Black Cochin Chickens Bantams, Black Silkie Chickens Bantams, Blue Silkie Chickens Bantams, Buff Silkie Chickens Bantams, Blue Slate Turkeys
QUAILANDDESIGN San Diego - California
Breeds Raised: Button Quail, Gambel Quail, Mountain Quail
CANDYS KING PEN San Pedro - California
Breeds Raised: White King Pigeons
M&M CHICKS  Elk Creek - California
Breeds Raised: Turken - Naked Neck Chickens Large Breeds
RESULTS: 1 to 8 of 8
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